Thank you for inquiring about hiring our venue for your event. We look forward to hearing from you and ask that you fill out this short questionnaire so that we can better determine feasibility.
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Please include your full name, company name, work and mobile numbers and your email address.
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Please tell us all relevant information regarding the purpose of your event and what you wish to hire our venue for.
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Do you need tables and chairs? *

If so, how many of each will you need and how would you like them to be set-up? Do you require tablecloths?
What are the dates and times that you wish to hire our venue for? *

Is there any flexibility with these dates or times?
What room(s) do you wish to hire? *

Is this a full day or half day hire?

Catering Requirements? *

What, if any, are your catering requirements and are there any special dietary requirements we should be aware of? Please include the total amount of people you would like us to cater for.
Technical Requirements? *

Please include things like audio and visual requirements, lecterns, podiums, flip charts, pens, notepads, and anything else you would like included.
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Please let us know if there is any additional information we should be aware of or any queries you might have.
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